What mermix is

mermix is a service that connects farmers with purpose to improve the access to agricultural machinery and tools. We believe that sharing agricultural machinery and tools can improve rural developrment, increase crop quality and make agriculture more sustainable

mermix belongs to farmers, and it is built and supported by those whose will is to share their machinery

mermix can help:



Farmers who need access to nearby agricultural machinery



Professionals who need to exploit their fleet more efficiently

How it works:


Are you looking for machinery?

Find the proper one based on your area and cultivation!


Check its availability!

Contact mermix team to check its availability!


Use it!

mermix team will handle all the procedure in order to have the tool you need

mermix mission:

mermix mission is to organize the available agricultural machinery of each area and offer access to them. mermix is a new way of cooperation which helps to develop a more sustainable agriculture sector , based on humans, environment and new models of cooperation. We believe that sharing agricultural machinery and tools can improve crop quality and the agriculutral sector

Because we love sharing!

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How the idea was born

mermix idea was born in August 2013, and was developed by the cooperation of