Terms Of Use

What mermix is?

Welcome to www.mermix.gr, the first online platform that offers access to all those who need to rent agricultural machineries, supported by EnergiaNet Hellas. 

These terms of use, explain the terms and conditions by which the transactions related to the services provided by mermix, are been governed. The mermix services, do include the use of our website, the material published in this site and third party websites and all services provided through the www.mermix.gr. This Privacy Statement applies to all sites and web pages belonging to mermix.gr.

By using our website, you agree, confirm and consent that you have read, comprehended and agreed with all the below mentioned statements, either you are a registered user or not.

We hold the right tο amend this specific terms any time, without informing or publish it individually. We would like to inform all the users of the website, to check for any updates, through the last date of publication.

If you do not agree with the below mentioned terms, please do not continue your access to our online service. Otherwise it is presumed that you accept them and lend your consent. The following terms of use apply to all content and that included in the pages of our website .

Please, read the following terms carefully and make sure that you understand every single point. You understand and comprehend that mermix is not a part of any other agreement between the renter and the owner of a machinery or service, except for the mentioned ones in this document.  mermix does not interfere in any argument between users and everything that has been agreed between them, as well as does not take part in disputes that may arise between the parties.

1.1      Terms Apllication:

 The following definitions, apply to the terms of use

 “Content” are all the documents, the graphic designs, the designs and coding that are been used to www.mermix.gr

 «Documents» are all the documents that may be found to the website, either they are part of the content composition or content educational, advertising or consulting.

“Graphic Design”, are all the logos, buttons, and the rest graphic design og the website.

«Design» are the colour combinations and the indexing of the website

 «Coding» is the user code (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) and the server’s coding been used to the website.

 «Services» are all the services that mermix provides through its website.

«Owner» is every natural or legal person that uses the mermix website in order to present and at the same time promote or feature his products or services to the users or consumers of mermix.

 «Owner» is every natural or legal person that visits mermix and declares that wishes to use any of the machineries that are been displayed into the website.

«Visitor or user» is every natural or legal entity that visits mermix website.

“Account” is the registration of the visitor as a member to the specific Online space of www.mermix.gr.

Create an account to mermix

mermix does not encourage any member or promotes any specific tool that there is on the site. Members are obliged from these terms to provide exact and real information and to confirm or decline or amend when mermix team members contact them. However mermix does not represent, confirm or present any member, but also does not guarantee for them, their selves, their information declared, their uploaded tools and for any of the information that the members with their own responsibility have declared.

Any mention that happens to www.mermix.gr or to third party websites as long as the members that confirm quality of “member”, is strictly used to declare the the person (renter or owner or visitor), has completed the registration procedure to mermix website and does not obtain or acquisite any other proviledge related to the website and does not in any way represent the company.

Any kind of these reference and typification is just to declare his member capacity, does not guarantee for his solvency, or confirms in anyway the personal info that has stated.

mermix can not guarantee for the existence of the equipment that is posted online, for its availability and duration, for the images and photos that are been used, as long as they correspond to reality

 However, we suggest you contact us whenever you believe that any member’s profile or online post violates your rights or you have any reason to believe that they do not correspond to reality.

Any memix user can interact, search, see any tools and equipment that are posted, but in order to confirm a search, register or do any reservation, should agree with these terms and the Privacy Policy, in order to create his own profile at mermix.gr. The creation of a member’s account is necessary to be able to use the full range of published functionality of the site, to have access to services and to be able to add posts to the site.

Using the possibility of registration as a member , you can enter data such as phone , email, address , name and surname , user name and login password .

As a member , you can receive informative newsletters, which are property of the site , and therefore governed by the relevant provisions of Greek Law and International Conventions . There is the possibility of exempting from these information lists, either by stating it in the mermix team or by manually disabling this feature.

Since the visitor completes the registration procedure, will receive a confirmation of his personal password and username, that has created by himself. Members remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under their personal password , user name, and generally their account. (user account). Members agree to immediately notify the Site «www.mermix.gr» for any unauthorized use of their account and any action and / or a possible security breach.

Furthermore, members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and the typical exit from their account at the end of every session (Logout). The website is not responsible for any damage or loss happens due to their members incapacity to respect and follow this clause.

The online space www.mermix.gr reserves the right to close any accounts that violate these terms, if is proved that users use ip addresses mediator in order to attempt concealing the use of more than one registration accounts or even if a user outside Greece declares he is Greek user or if he tries to shut down the website in any manner or way.

1.2      Collection of information and personal data:

mermix.gr does not collect in anyway personal information like cookies, personal information registration forms or similar practices, without the user’s consent. The mail addresses that are always given with your consent are only used to send news published on the pages of mermix.gr and knowingly users published in the supply / demand form created to mermix.gr for its users.

The email addresses are not in anyway granted, like indicatively is rental, selling to third parties.

To the collected data, which are also personal, are been optional collected, after the user’s consent and with only purpose to use it in mermix.gr website. mermix.gr.

1.3      mermix benefits

mermix.gr provides an online space through which agricultural or not equipment can be viewed, in order to be selected from candidate renters or buyers. In any way mermix does not provide rental services and is not responsible for any actions, missing clues, misleading information and actions that its users are involved with, as well as problems that the equipment can carry.

Is not responsible for losses that existed on the machine before renting and were not declared when uploading the machine online. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, mermix.gr does not accept any form of guarantee, does not provide insurance for machinery posted online and is not responsible in case of damage.

Instead, mermix kindly asks from users to treat with respect to someone else’s property, without interfering to their private agreement that concerns the addressing of the damage that may have occurred.

It is suggested to the owners of the agricultural machinery to agree with the rental of the machinery, either accompanied by their presence, or by manipulating their equipment themselves  .

In no case, mermix is liable for damages due to misuse before, after or during the rental, during transport of the machine or from the landlord and the tenant as well as physical damage will occur .

Furthermore, mermix recommends the drafting of a private agreement between the two parties, and in case there is one, mermix has no responsibility and has no obligation towards the terms and conditions

1.4      Terms for renters and owners

Whoever agrees with the rental of their equipment by using mermix.gr for their equipment’s showing, are automatically accepting these terms and are obligated to adjust the rental temrs to this document. Owners agree that the machinery are their own property and they meet the safety requirements and that they will work properly when they will be rented.

They agree that mermix does not cover damages, defects , malfunctions and does not interfere with the agreed rental terms.

Also , mermix does not involve with the pricing policy that an owner selects for the rental of machinery , but encourages users to follow the laws and comply with current tax policy.

 mermix.gr during the pilot version does not take money from users as a commission for the rental or sale of equipment

The pilot version of mermix is expected to last until the end of this year when the new pricing policy will be clarified. Please track changes, because this date may be changed unexpectedly.

1.5      Renters and Machinery Usage

When renting a machinery from an owner, you are obliged to follow the terms that you have agreed. It is not recommended to pay in advance before you see the machinery. Since the machine arrives to you in order to be used, it is highly recommended to be checked for damages before proceeding with using it. You owe to use the machine with respect, carefully and try not to make any damage. You must return the machinery to the specific agreed date.

mermix will not cover any damage, harm, theft of loss that may occur during the rental period.

1.6      Machinery Situation

You understand that, otherwise it has been claim in other way, that the equipment shown online does not belong to mermix, but in individuals that grant it for rent. Every single individual is responsible for the good fit of their equipment, for the proper maintenance and servicing of the registered for rent equipment and also bears the full responsibility for this before renting.

The renter is kindly requested to proceed with an optical inspection of the condition of the equipment, before proceeding with the transaction. In the case of a damage is found during the inspection, the owner of the machinery must be informed and either cancel the transaction with no charge for the renter, or proceed with the transaction if the size and kind of the damage allows. mermix recommends to proceed to the writing of a patch disclaimer for the damaged, that will be also supported with photos that will prove it. If you see damage but not declare it, then there will be danger to be blamed as the one and that the damaged occurred during the usage of the machinery.

Damage during the use of the renter machinery:

In case that a damage occurs to the equipment while you are using it, you owe to inform the owner of the equipment. mermix does not have any responsibility for the damage and does not in any way compensate the owner. The repair of the damage will be after the two parties communicate and agree for the details.

It is highly recommended that owners should oversee and do the surveillance of their equipment during the rental, to avoid misuse or use their equipment themselves.

1.7      Machinery Insurance

mermix is not accountable for any loss , damage , theft or destruction of equipment users . You understand and agree to clear this condition and accept that the only accountable are the two parties (owners and renters) as stated in these terms.

Payment Policy

Since mermix is still in a beta version, during which does not seek any opportunity to collect any fees from the rental as a charge for the provision of equipment finder service , since it does not provide rental services.

mermix provides free viewing equipment for rent or sale , do not interfere in pricing and agreement that will be concluded between the two parties .

In no case has no revenue from rentals or transactions will take place through the website and all services offered is completely free.

In the pilot version that mermix is and expected to last until the end of this year, is not designed to collect profits. mermix is not responsible for the activity of people who are either renters or owners.

mermix does not define the rental prices or sale prices of the equipment that is been posted to the website, but also does not have any responsibility for either too high or low prices.

The prices are defined from the owners of the machineries and they are the only responsible for their shaping. mermix recommends maintaining competitive prices for products, in order to be more accessible, but in no way interfere in them, since only the owners can define a price.

1.8      Machinery Transferring:

The machinery transferring will be agreed from the two parties, renter and owner. mermix has not signed any deal for the transferring and distribution of the machinery to the renter from the owner and vice versa. mermix suggests renting machinery from nearby areas, in order to ensure the best distribution (reduce time and distance). Additionally, this way the owner can more easily and effectively observe the transfer but also reduce the transfer costs.

The transfer costs, should be charged either to the renter or to the owner, after a deal between them.

1.8.1      Rentals / Sells:

In case that someone is interested into buying or renting a machinery that saw on mermix website, has to officially declare his own interest at mermix.gr and then mermix will contact the owner of the tool. In case that the two parties agree to these terms of use and after they declare the dates of availability for the equipment, mermix has to bring them in contact in order to proceed with the transaction and agree the details between them.

1.9      Terms of use for Owners

An owner is considered to be the person that with his own consent, uploads his machinery to the online space of mermix wither for rental or for sale.

The data that the owner registers, been requested from mermix, are

1. equipment photos

2. machinery features description

3. location of the machinery

4. price of rental or sale

5. date of availability

These are defined exclusively from the owner, who is pledged for their accuracy and declares that are true information.

Furthermore, the phone of the owner is been requested to be submitted and an email is optional. These personal informations are never been published to the website or to third party sites.

mermix receives these information from the owner of the machinery, only after his own pledge and proceeds with the post of their equipment.

These informations and data are been given to mermix, due communication”

1. phone

2. email

3. social media

When you are an owner of agricultural machinery, then you recognize and accept the following terms:

Your equipment must be checked, safe, secure and also meet the specifications that make him proper for use, rental or sell.

You owe to declare any damage of the machinery to mermix and to the potential renter or buyer before the rental or selling occurs.

The date you have indicated that your equipment is available can be changed up to three days prior to a rental. In case of force majeure are unable to rent the unit as agreed with the renter , the same day they had agreed among you, you must incur the costs of cancellation or transfer (if they exist).

It is proposed that you write a private agreement which will show and define the rental conditions you want to follow, in order to preserve both the renter’s and owner’s rights.

You preserve the right to define the rental price per hour, hectar or day. Furthermore, you have the right to change them whenever you believe you must do it. It is not though recommended to change them during a rental or without any warning. The prices been referred to mermix, must be the real ones. In any other case, that the owner violates this condition mermix preserves the right to delete the content without warning and delete the member’s account or reject any request of uploading new content.

Prices that you set at your machinery online, should be representative. Very low or high prices are not recommended.

You are obligated to check the functionality of your machinery quite often and in case that you find any damage or malfunction you owe to inform mermix in order to update the machinery’s information online.

mermix does not have any responsibility for any of the damages that may occur to your equipment. mermix does not cover in anyway damages or provides insurance or guarantee. It is recommended that you have insurance for your tools. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to write a private agreement with the terms of the rental as you specify with the renter.

In case that you believe that damages has been occurred during the rental, which damage the renter did not declare, mermix has no responsibility. You should check the machinery in detail, before and after a rental. The damage’s repair will be negotiated under the terms of the private agreement with the renter.

 You are obliged to have permission to use the machine, and if you rent the machine together with the monitoring service , you must have a license renewed .


1.10  General terms and Conditions for the Correct and Legal Use of the machineries:

 The operator is required to be within the legal age limit for the use of agricultural machinery and over 18 years

All the machineries must be checked that they are legally reserved to the alleged owner.

In case of theft or not return of the machine, after the end of the rental duration, the owner must call the Authorities and show them the Private Agreement, in order to begin all the legal procedures.

All the machineries must be checked for their proper safe use and should be used under the safety condition, to avoid any kind of accidents.

 The two parties (owners and renters) should follow the laws of the country and must comply with the fiscal policy by issuing documents for their transactions.

The rent must be followed by an invoice and use agreement for avoidance of tax and legal problems

You agree that you accept all the above mentioned conditions of this agreement and that you in any case meet the requirements. You declare that all the information given in mermix are true and mermix can use them.


1.11  Copyright

The site protects the data with the consent of the users that are presented. These terms of use state that all content , services and Copyrights are the exclusive property of mermix.gr.

License : By accepting the terms of use , the mermix ensures license that allows users and members to :

Α. They have exclusive access to personal and non-commercial use of the site content

Β. They have access to view users’ content, since they are licensed to do so, only for personal non - commercial use.

In any case, this license cannot be transferred , shared or redistributed without authorized permission from administrators mermix.gr.

You may not under any circumstances to copy , modify, adopt , adapt or create derivative made ​​by distributing , licensing , selling , transfer, public transmission projection or otherwise exploit the Site, unless otherwise stated in these terms. Any license or right given to the user, and is indirectly controlled by the conditions of use of mermix.

1.12  User Content:

Every user – member of the website, has the right with his own responsibility to upload, publish, register content on the website. With the acceptance of these terms, he gives mermix the privilege to show, amend and use, republish, copy and adopt in any media, in Greece and globally.

mermix has any right to use the content provided since it subject to certain conditions.

Every user-member of mermix, declares that he is responsible for the content they upload and publish on the website of mermix.

 Every member guarantees that:

The content that uploads and makes available to all mermix users, is

a. Property that belongs to you and not a third party’s property that you obtained without permission.

Β. has any right to publish it

C. no terms of use are violated or any intellectual property of a third party

D. is not a product of Spyware or theft

E. it does not violate any law of the Greek Governance

F. There is not a single object that violates ethically any person

If it comes to suspicion of mermix that someone violated any of the terms expressly stated herein, the mermix reserves the right to remove content and deleting user profiles without notice.


Website of mermix, may contain links that redirect to third sites. You agree that the mermix is not responsible for:

Stability and accuracy or accountability of these sites.

The services, products which are available and displayed in these sites. The redirection to them, does not suggest any interference or reward from mermix, in terms of content, products, services and generally content that is available

through them.

1.13  Liability Disclaimer

If you decide to use mermix and its services, you fully recognize your liability and the writtern Terms Of Use.

You recognize and agree that mermix does not have any obligation to conduct search to any member, user, owner or renter but has the right to perform such action in its sole discretion.

The website and Services that are been provided “as they are”, without any warranty, express or implied.

mermix expressly disclaims any warranty of merchantability , fitness for a particular purpose , any warranties arising from a course of dealing or usage of trade.

mermix provides no warranty that the website or its services , including its content , the machinery or services displayed and true . mermix does not guarantee the quality or the existence and even the solvency of its members.

Each user is solely responsible for the contacts between the other members, if permissible , either through mermix site or through third parties the reproduced material . The mermix intervenes and mediates only in creating communication between the involved parties (renter and owner).